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Data Scientist at Meta, USA

Sundeep was a great mentor for preparing me for FAANG-level data scientist interviews. He is an expert on ML and product management, so I was able to learn a lot about his frameworks and tips, which were ultimately useful for my actual onsite interviews. Thanks to him, I received an offer from a FAANG company



Applied Scientist, Amazon, USA

I find that Sundeep is very easy to approach and friendly to talk. Sundeep indeed helped me a lot for the interview preparations, especially in the area of ML system design and behavior questions. He helped me to set up a mindset that there is a significant difference between academia and industry. He is not only knowledgeable in different areas of ML, but also good at teaching people how to build your soft skills, like how to communicate with people about your ideas. He also teaches me how to correctly organize your thoughts and express your ideas during the interview. He could grab your disadvantages clearly every time when providing the feedback. Based on your performance in the training session, he also provided a systematic roadmap on boosting your skills if you are facing another round of interview. I highly recommend having a coaching session with Sundeep, especially if you are a new grad phd student/postdoc who wants to transit into the area of machine learning and is struggling with the interview process.



MS Data Science student, USA

Sundeep is a great mentor and always ready to listen, give support and recommendations whenever needed. I worked with him during my internship at Swiggy. His experience and knowledge are priceless. His inputs were very influential throughout my project. He taught me to think like a researcher. His feedback helped me to grow not only professionally but also personally. I've been lucky enough to have him as my mentor in the early stage of my career. I would strongly recommend him for mentorship.



Data Scientist at Amazon, USA

I find Sundeep very approachable as a mentor. I received valuable mentorship from him while I was looking for internships. It was also very helpful to discuss with him plans for my career path and picking a specialization in my field. I was also able to learn a lot from his experiences in different work cultures, work opportunities in US and India, working for startups or bigger companies. Highly recommended!



ML Engineer at Recharge, USA

Sundeep was able to use his experience and teaching ability to solve a problem in 1 hour that would have taken me days to complete. He is a very skilled practitioner and teacher, I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to level up their skills in AI!



Data Scientist at Twitter, USA

Sundeep provided me a high-quality mentoring/mock interview sessions specifically tailored around my Twitter DS interview I was gonna face. Sundeep is very knowledgeable in what he's doing and asked very interesting questions around many ML topics as well as relevant product and statistics questions, which helped me understand the nature of the interviews as well as explore more into the topics. Sundeep's feedback was spot-on and very much actionable in the short-term. I ended up getting the offer from Twitter for Senior DS role and I attribute Sundeep for giving me the much needed thrust to fly past the finish line. Thank you Sundeep! I wish many DS/product aspirants gain from your tutelage.



Data Scientist at CH Robinson, USA

As someone who just transitioned to data science, it was hard for me at times to determine what I should focus on to get a first job that fits my strengths. After conducting an initial interview with me, Sundeep created a personalized plan for me to prepare for my data science interviews. He was extremely professional throughout the process. I was able to use some of his suggestions to get my first Data Science job. Would contact him again in the future for the next steps of my career.



Research Manager at Pathcheck Foundation, USA

Sundeep has been a wonderful mentor, and has always directed me to consider multiple aspects while looking at a problem - technically as well as at an inter-personal level! I have known him for about 2 years now, and he has helped me think critically while formulating an ML (research) problem, to meticulously analyze data, results, papers etc and much more! It was often fascinating to see the amount of time he would spend on giving detailed all round (technical, presentation, writing etc) feedback. Further, my interactions with Sundeep has helped me understand more of what a PhD in ML would be like and what it would entail! It is nice to have someone who could share their rich first hand experience working/researching at top labs, large orgs and start-ups! More importantly, it was really helpful to have someone I could discuss deep technical problems related to machine learning research as well as someone who could provide suggestions on more broader career or educational directions!



ML Engineer at Walmart Labs, USA

I was feeling nervous about ML System Design and ML concepts interviews. Sundeep did a mock round for me for both types and provided detail feedback for me. He also provided a study plan and resources for me to learn and brush up. Would strongly recommend doing a few mock interviews with Sundeep to clear any interview jitters.



ML Engineer at LinkedIn, USA

Sundeep is very personable! Sundeep helped me with job interview preparation. I had a really great experience working with Sundeep! He spent time understood what are my expectations for the session and gave professional advice on which skills to be deep dived for a better use of time. I was able to hear feedback on my areas of improvement and learned from the questions he asked. It was a SUPER helpful and VALUABLE coaching session for me. Thank you very much Sundeep!



Research Scientist at Apple, USA

I worked with Sundeep for my FAANG interview preparation. I wanted someone to help me with managing my stress and explain to me how interviews work within FAANG. Sundeep has a lot of experience and he was able to educate me on how to approach my interviews. When my interviews began he was always there when I needed him and he could give me great advice on how to approach next steps. It's great to have someone you can trust throughout the stressful period of multiple interviews that can provide great advice and support. We did multiple mock interviews (adapted to the needs of each interview) and we worked through the very last step which is salary negotiations. Thank you Sundeep!



Data Scientist at LinkedIn, USA

Sundeep was extremely helpful during my job interview prep. I found the ML design discussions with him very fruitful. These are very useful in improving holistic thinking, understanding how things work in production and thinking about trade offs. These are some things which have very less literature online and hard to find all at one place.



Founder at, India

Sundeep is the one of the data scientists the AI startups must consult as he is very familiar with the entire ecosystem. He will guide you in the right path and he believes in taking one step at a time. We are really glad to be utilising your services and look forward to a great collaboration in the future.



Software Engineer at Twitter, UK

Sundeep helped my younger brother (recent physics graduate) with career advice. He was positively involved by taking his time to go through the context and background before the session, and was warm and empathetic throughout. Sundeep's life himself has been through some interesting turns, and he had some pretty solid advice to share, coming from his own life experiences as well as the wide exposure he has had through his career and surroundings. Sundeep had given us a glimpse of what a highly qualified and successful, yet kind, empathetic and understanding individual looks like. His advice came from a place of being able to look both backward and forward, which I believe is invaluable. By the end of the hour he had shown us some light through the fog ahead, and had successfully revamped the evergreen idea of growth mindset. Sundeep had been great for us, and I highly recommend his mentorship/career advice, and if you're lucky enough, friendship.